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  Quality Control Quality Control Policy
The objective, of the quality control program is to ensure that all works are performed in compliance with applicable standards, specifications, regulations, codes and good engineering practices. Further, the program is designed to provide a completed installation that meets all standards for a reliability, safety, and environmental protection.

Part of the organisation and plans sections of the quality control program are job descriptions, inspection plans, inspection guide-lines and documentation systems which will meet the requirements for quality control as set forth below:

Document Control - a system will be established to assure that current applicable revisions of operation documents including drawings, specifications, reports for information, contract change requests or directives, and as-built drawings and procedures are distributed to and used by operation staff (procurement, materials, safety and management). Quality control documents and records will be maintained using the filing system.
Material Control - This program will be established by the implementation of the quality plan. The detailed plan will assure compliance with design requirements and specifications.

Inspection - Inspection will be planned and performed to the extent necessary to verify that materials, equipment, items or services conform to applicable drawings, specification, codes, standard or other documented requirements. Scope and methods to be employed to determined conformance with specified requirements will be defined in details utilizing applicable engineering and/or quality control procedures. Inspection results will be documented for each activity inspected.

Procurement Control - Procurement will be performed by Managing Director. Certificates of compliance, import/export duty, bill of lading, form M, shipping certificates etc when required will be prepared with copies transmitted to the client, as applicable.

Process Control - Inspection procedures will assure that processes affecting quality (e.g. forging, machining, heat treatment, etc.) are controlled in accordance with specified requests.

Corrective Action - Conditions adverse to quality will be promptly investigated, evaluated and corrected. In the event of a significant finding adverse to quality, the cause will be determined and corrective action taken will be reported to appropriate levels of management. Follow-up actions will be taken to verify implementation of corrective action.

Non-conformance Control - Items, which do not conform to specified requirement will be controlled to ensure proper disposition and prevent inadequate use. Controls will provide for identification, documentation, evaluation, segregation and disposition of non-conformances to organization.
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