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  Infrastructure Forge Shop
We are well equipped with state-of-art manufacturing facility with Press Hammers, Ring Rolling Hammers capable of manufacturing forgings upto 1525 mm diameter and maximum weight upto 4000 kgs. Supporting the hammers are Heating Furnaces of 10 tones capacity each, working in 3 shifts 18 hours a day. Our hammers are supervised & run by highly skilled personnel being in this industry for more than 50 years. These hammers are backed by Boilers producing steam.   

We are equipped with Forging Manipulators and Overhead Cranes for material handling during the forging process. This ensures that the forging is done quickly and accurately, saving on fuel (which reduces prices) and better quality since research indicates that forging quality decreases rapidly with the decrease in temperature of the steel under forging process.

We have set up a new state of the art Forge Shop which is equipped with Forging Press and Forging Manipulator working in synchronisation controlled through Computerised systems. This whole plant has been imported from USA and has been commissioned. It is the first of its kind in India.

Forging Press and Manipulator   Forging Press and Manipulator
Forging Press and Manipulator   Forging Press and Manipulator
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